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My favorite kind of makeup to do is bridal. I love being a part of one of the most important days in a woman's life. Not only is bridal makeup one of my favorites, but is one of the most popular services that I offer especially during the busy summer season. Here are some helpful bits of advice that I can offer to you if you or someone you know may be getting married soon.

Think timeless. This is not the time to be trendy. Consider being more trendy with your makeup for a boudoir shoot or your engagement photos. These photos are forever.

Stay true to the theme of your wedding. If it is a beach destination wedding or something more rustic, consider a more natural look. If it is a black tie affair, think more dramatic.

You NEED more makeup than you think for it to translate well in the photos. Always take a photo after your wedding trial to see what I mean. In photos your makeup will appear to be much less than in real life. Take your trial run photos in natural light as it is the most honest lighting. If you are lucky enough to live in a beautiful setting as I do in Colorado, many of your actual wedding photos will be outside, so it just makes sense.

Makeup by Nicole Toledo Makeup Artistry
Adam and Eve Photography

You MUST do a trial run if at all possible with your makeup artist before the wedding. It will make for a much smoother process on your wedding day. You should be able to just sit back and relax on your wedding day knowing exactly what your makeup will look like. Sometimes, you may not be a good fit with a particular makeup artist and you will want to know that ahead of time.

When having your bridal trial, wear white if that is the color of your wedding dress. This will help you to envision how it will all look together. Even better, time it to be on the same day as your hair trial or your dress fitting. The more pieces of the puzzle you have the more confident you will feel. Consider doing your makeup trial on the same day of a special occasion such as a bridal shower or bachlorette party. If you are unsure of your makeup, you can get the opinions of your family or friends. Plus, you should never let good makeup go to waste. Don't go home and sit in front of the TV. How often do you get your makeup done by a professional makeup artist?

Never try any new procedure or service right before the wedding. It seems like the perfect time to pamper yourself by getting that new microdermabrasion or chemical peel, but if you don't know how your skin is going to react try it a few weeks ahead of time, not a few days. If you are considering a spray tan for the first time, try it out for another occasion like a weekend get away, not your wedding. Plan ahead of time with your appointments so that you can get in with your usual hair colorist or brow waxing specialist. This is not the best time to try someone new.

When trying to get ideas for your wedding makeup, look for models who look like you. This will let you see if you like a bold red lip, if you are a redhead for example. Pinterest is amazing for inspiration. I was not lucky enough to have this resource back in the day when I got married. It's always a good idea to come prepared with as many visuals as possible on your trial day. A "smokey eye" can mean very different things to differing people.

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Happy wedding planning.


  1. I like the idea of when trying to get ideas for your wedding makeup, look for models who look like you. This is something also my wedding makeup artist Philippines told me before. I remember her in you.


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